Accelerate Your Product Development with Our AI and Research Solutions

CMYK Research is a tech based startup that empowers other businesses in developing new products faster with the help of ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Algorithms’ & ‘Scientific Research’. 

How Can We Help You Accelerate Your Business? 

Are you looking for a way to accelerate your product development process and achieve your goals? Do you need specialized scientific research and development, cloud computing services, or Artificial Intelligence related services that can solve complex and challenging problems in various domains? If yes, then you have come to the right place! 

Scientific R&D

Scientific research can help solve the problems of product development by providing data-driven insights, methods, and tools that can guide and improve the design, testing, and launch of new products. Scientific research can involve both qualitative and quantitative approaches, as well as a combination of both, depending on the nature and scope of the problem. For more information click on the link below:

Information Technology

Automate & improve business processes and develop new products faster by harnessing the power of cutting edge cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, software & web development services. CMYK Research enable businesses develop faster with tech based solutions. For more Information click the link below:


Our Process!

CMYK Research executes its business operations through the Following Process Steps

Step 1:

Product Feasibility Study

Once an Idea is conceived, CMYK Research conducts lab scale R&D and based on the findings of the lab research, the business idea is either promoted to the next step or rejected. 

Step 2:

Lab-scale Research

Once the feasibility study confirms the viability of the project then CMYK Research conducts lab-scale Research and based on the findings of the lab research, the business idea is either promoted to the next step or rejected. 

Step 3:

Pilot Plant Development

The lab scale promoted idea is transformed into a fully functional pilot plant. This pilot plant manufactures the intended products and sells the profits to the target market. Based on the experience gained through the pilot plant project, next step is initiated

Cmyk Research

Case Studies  

CMYK Research has been actively working with many of the manufacturing businesses to solve their problems in a shorter period of time. Read the case studies to understand how CMYK Research helped these companies excel in this businesses


Ceramic InkJet Printing Ink

Ceramic inkjet printing inks are used by today’s modern digital ceramic inkjet printers. These printing systems are used on printing complex graphic designs on ceramic tiles which we see in our modern homes today. These inks are currently not manufactured in Pakistan. There are 7 Tile manufacturing companies in Pakistan. All of these factories use imported inkjet inks which drain a lot of much needed foriegn exchange. Being imported inks, these inks cost a lot to tile manufacturers. Which adds a significant portion to their cost of manufacturing operations. 


Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is manufactured by processing rock phosphate with sulfuric acid. This industrial chemical has diverse applications. It’s used in food products, cleaning chemicals, descaling products, acidity regulators, processing of aluminum based utensils, hardware items, automotive parts, soaps and detergents etc. 

Phosphoric acid as an end product is not produced in Pakistan. Although several fertilizer manufacturers produce phosphoric acid as an intermediate feedstock for the production of DAP ( Diammonium Phosphate) , these fertilizer manufacturers do not produce phosphoric acid as an end product for sale to the market. 


How Do We Add Value To Society? 

CMYK Research aims to deliver value to every segment of the society as a whole. With particular focus on social responsibility

Benefit To The Nation

Developed industrial manufacturing projects replace imported products in the country which saves substantial foriegn exchange. And by focusing on energy efficiency, and vertical process integration, highly competitive products are produced. These highly competitive products are exported to other countries adding additional foriegn exchange revenues and enhancing the exports of the country. 

Benefit To Investor

Instead of investing in real estate or construction, investors are given the opportunity to invest in research oriented, energy efficient industrial projects which potentially replace the import burden of a country. This investment offers investors the opportunity to invest in highly profitable ventures which add substantial value to their investment portfolio by diverging from mainstream investments into research oriented investment projects.

Benefits To Public

CMYK Research maintains a strong social responsibility program for the welfare of the public by donating 1% of its profits for social responsibility. This 1% profit goes to various welfare organizations as well as in-house social uplifting programs to help the people in need!.