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CMYK Research aims to deliver value to every segment of the society as a whole. With particular focus on social responsibility .

Ceramic InkJet Printing Ink

Ceramic inkjet printing inks are used by today’s modern digital ceramic inkjet printers. These printing systems are used on printing complex graphic designs on ceramic tiles which we see in our modern homes today. These inks are currently not manufactured in Pakistan. There are 7 Tile manufacturing companies in Pakistan. All of these factories use imported inkjet inks which drain a lot of much needed foriegn exchange. Being imported inks, these inks cost a lot to tile manufacturers. Which adds a significant portion to their cost of manufacturing operations. 

CMYK Research through its Research & Development activities has developed the complete process for the manufacturing of these inks in Pakistan. If an industrial manufacturing project is established, this will be the first of its kind in Pakistan. And the project has the potential to completely replace the existing imported ceramic inkjet printing inks. 

The tile manufacturers will be able to purchase these inks at a lower price, and they can order smaller quantities compared to the whole container load orders they have to place to other countries. 

This project has a great potential to be a star project of Pakistan. CMYK Research intends to manufacture these inks using state of the art manufacturing process technologies. Besides this, the project has been designed to generate its own electricity through solar energy which can make this project much more competitive compared to international competitors. 

Additionally, CMYK Research intends to manufacture the raw materials of this project as well. These raw materials will further reduce the cost of manufacturing these inks in Pakistan, further enhancing the viability and competitiveness of this project both in the local market and international market as well. 

Based on the above goals, if achieved by InshAllah, the manufactured products can be sold locally as well as exported to other countries where tile manufacturing plants exist. This way, the project will not only save the foriegn exchange but will InshAllah create additional revenue in dollar terms for the country. 

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Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is manufactured by processing rock phosphate with sulfuric acid. This industrial chemical has diverse applications. It’s used in food products, cleaning chemicals, descaling products, acidity regulators, processing of aluminum based utensils, hardware items, automotive parts, soaps and detergents etc. 

Phosphoric acid as an end product is not produced in Pakistan. Although several fertilizer manufacturers produce phosphoric acid as an intermediate feedstock for the production of DAP ( Diammonium Phosphate) , these fertilizer manufacturers do not produce phosphoric acid as an end product for sale to the market. 

CMYK Research has identified a great potential for manufacturing Phosphoric Acid and its derivatives in Pakistan. Pakistan is blessed with a mineral known as apatite or rock phosphate. Additionally Pakistan is self-sufficient in the production of sulfuric acid. Both of these raw materials come from within Pakistan. And these are the two primary raw materials used in the production of phosphoric acid. Therefore If phosphoric acid as an end product along with its derivatives is manufactured in Pakistan, it can greatly reduce the import burden of this country. Because currently all of the phosphoric acid is imported in Pakistan. 

The manufacturing industries of soaps, detergents, toothpastes, aluminum utensils, and InshAllah all benefit from this project. 

CMYK Research intends to develop a coal fired power plant based on thar coal which will be connected with this project. This will enable us to acquire electricity at a much cheaper cost. This can make this project much more feasible and highly competitive in the international market.


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