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your trusted partner for cutting-edge technology solutions. Our Information Technology (IT) services are designed to help your business stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced digital world! 

Enterprise Resourse Planning

Our ERP software solutions are designed to streamline and automate your business processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. With our ERP software, you can integrate all your business functions, including accounting, inventory management, sales, and customer relationship management, into a single, centralized system.

Web Development

At IronStepSoftware, we offer top-notch web development services that help businesses establish a strong online presence and boost their digital marketing efforts. Our team of expert web developers creates engaging, visually appealing, and user-friendly websites that reflect your brand and drive traffic, leads, and conversions.

High Performance Computer

Utilizing the experience gained in the pilot plant, industrial manufacturing project is developed with particular focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Such an industrial project is geared towards the local market as well as export of its manufactured products to the international market.

Cmyk Research

We use the latest technologies and techniques to build your dream project

Our well-versed professionals who are experts in using advanced technology delivers the best product as per your business requirement. Our client-centric approach by the experts in the proven technologies delivers you a precise solution to your demand.


Ceramic InkJet Printing Ink

Ceramic inkjet printing inks are used by today’s modern digital ceramic inkjet printers. These printing systems are used on printing complex graphic designs on ceramic tiles which we see in our modern homes today. These inks are currently not manufactured in Pakistan. There are 7 Tile manufacturing companies in Pakistan. All of these factories use imported inkjet inks which drain a lot of much needed foriegn exchange. Being imported inks, these inks cost a lot to tile manufacturers. Which adds a significant portion to their cost of manufacturing operations. 


Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is manufactured by processing rock phosphate with sulfuric acid. This industrial chemical has diverse applications. It’s used in food products, cleaning chemicals, descaling products, acidity regulators, processing of aluminum based utensils, hardware items, automotive parts, soaps and detergents etc. 

Phosphoric acid as an end product is not produced in Pakistan. Although several fertilizer manufacturers produce phosphoric acid as an intermediate feedstock for the production of DAP ( Diammonium Phosphate) , these fertilizer manufacturers do not produce phosphoric acid as an end product for sale to the market. 


How Do We Add Value To Society? 

CMYK Research aims to deliver value to every segment of the society as a whole. With particular focus on social responsibility

Benefit To The Nation

Developed industrial manufacturing projects replace imported products in the country which saves substantial foriegn exchange. And by focusing on energy efficiency, and vertical process integration, highly competitive products are produced. These highly competitive products are exported to other countries adding additional foriegn exchange revenues and enhancing the exports of the country. 

Benefit To Investor

Instead of investing in real estate or construction, investors are given the opportunity to invest in research oriented, energy efficient industrial projects which potentially replace the import burden of a country. This investment offers investors the opportunity to invest in highly profitable ventures which add substantial value to their investment portfolio by diverging from mainstream investments into research oriented investment projects.

Benefits To Public

CMYK Research maintains a strong social responsibility program for the welfare of the public by donating 1% of its profits for social responsibility. This 1% profit goes to various welfare organizations as well as in-house social uplifting programs to help the people in need!. 



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